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From Eric Everman <>
Subject xsp request variable is not declaired
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 20:46:32 GMT
Hi Everyone-

Here is a newbe question:  I'm trying to use the implicit 'request' 
variable in a xsp page, however, whenever I try to access it like this I 
get a NPE error at line x:

	keyword = request.getParameter("value");	//line x

When I attempt to access it like this, I get an "illegal start of type" 
error at line x:

   String comment = "";

   if (request == null) {		//line x
   	comment = "Request is null";
   } else {
   	comment = "Request is NOT null";

This seems to point to 'request' as not having been declared, doesn't 
it?  Doing something like this works:

   String keyword = "C";
   <!-- <xsp-request:get-parameter name="value"/> -->
    <esql:query>select * from Resources where ResourceName like 


Any ideas?  This is driving me up the wall.  I would post more of the error 
code, config, etc, but it seems like this must be something major and 
(hopefully) obvious.


Eric Everman

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