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From Erik Bruchez <>
Subject Re: XMLForms vs Struts
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 05:07:54 GMT
SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous wrote:
 > But i am also a bit confused. I'm following the discussons in this
 > mailing list for about a week now and this is already the second
 > mentioning of a product/component (whatever) that claims to be an on
 > top of cocoon development. But when i enter the pages mentioned
 > above, it is very hard to find the backpointers to cocoon as the
 > base component...

Hussayn, in this particular case the explanation is that OXF compares
with Cocoon on a conceptual level, but doesn't actually use any code
from Cocoon. It is a completely separate project based on a different
architecture of XML pipelines. To tell you the truth, OXF was partly
born from frustrations that its authors had with Cocoon. I hope this
clears up the confusion.

 > And now my final question (to come back to the technical part): Why
 > is it so complicated to use struts and cocoon in parallel?  As far
 > as i understand the concepts of cocoon, i can embed JSP's in it's
 > workflow, and if a jsp itself uses struts, why not???  Although i
 > haven't tried yet, for me these things seem to be coexisting without
 > problems ...

I don't see why this would not be possible (at least in theory) to do
it this way. Usually, from a Struts action you forward your request to
a JSP, but it is actually possible to forward it to any servlet (this
is often how people hook up XSLT with Struts). Such a servlet could be
the Cocoon servlet. You would probably need to have the Struts JAR and
all the Cocoon JARs in the same web application, and to create a
servlet mapping that maps some URLs to the Struts controller. From
Cocoon, you would serialize to XML the JavaBeans put in the request
and session from Struts and from there perform further processing. I
don't know if anybody has attempted this so far though.

Hope this helps,


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