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From Robert Siqueira <>
Subject How can I generate different pdf's ?!?!?!?
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2002 11:38:43 GMT
Hello people !!!

I have the follow problem:

I'm generating PDF files through coccon but I'm getting problems
when I have to use different XSL files for different XML files.

For example:
I have the xml:
  fileX-2002-10-31.xml => it uses the fileX.xsl
and the xml:
  fileY-2002-10-31.xml => it uses the fileY.xsl

My sistemap is:

 <map:match pattern="*.pdf">
 <map:generate src="(1).xml"/>
 <map:transform src="fileX.xsl"/>
 <map:serialize type="fo2pdf"/>

In this way, when I request to the browser
http://localhost:8080/mount/coccon/fileX.pdf, the coccon generates
the PDF normally.

How should I configurate another <map:match> so that I can request
http://localhost:8080/mount/cocoon/fileY.pdf and the cocoon
can generate the pdf??

I tried to use <map:match pattern="fileX*.pdf"> thinking that
the cocoon would understand the full name "fileX-2002-10-31",
but it didn't work.

I'll be waiting for your answer.
Thank you

Robert Siqueira

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