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From SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject Re: cocoon- vs. tomcat-authentication ???
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2002 14:19:06 GMT
Hy, matthew;

Thanks for the very clear and understandable answer.
For me that would lead to follwing roadmap:

1.) I drop the tomcat authentication completely.
2.) I set up the cocoon authentication let's say
    with an LDAP based user database.
    By this i protect pipelines instead of 
    files and directories.
3.) As a benefit i get a basic administration 
    front end for my LDAP-user databse "just for free" .

I'll check this. If that works, i don't see, why i should
keep on using the tomcat Realms. ;-)

thanks a lot.
regards, hussayn wrote:
>  >>
> while browsing through the cocoon docs, i realised, that
> cocoon offers an authentication mechanism on it's own.
> Since i'm developing webapplications using tomcat i
> naturally use the authentication Realms provided by tomcat.
> But when i want to use cocoon on top of tomcat, what shall i do:
> Either drop the cocoon authentication in favour of the
> tomcat auth. or vice versa ?
> <<
> That basically depends on what you want to achieve. The Cocoon 
> authentication mechanism will allow you to "protect" individual 
> pipelines or groups of pipelines (read: application). The Cocoon 
> authentication mechanism is completely based on Cocoon pipelines and the 
> default version authenticates against files. But you can extend (or 
> change) the authentication pipeline so that say a database is used (or 
> LDAP) or whatever system happens to be there.
> The Cocoon authentication framework also contains simple browser based 
> tools that you can then use to administrate the user database (_should 
> you need them_).
> So the real advantage is the tight integration in Cocoon and the 
> flexibility.
> Hope this helps for starts
> Matthew Langham
> S&N AG

Dr. Hussayn Dabbous
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