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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: Xindice logicsheet - initial success
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 23:02:32 GMT
Josema Alonso wrote:

>Dear Friends,
>Since I got no response to my previous email message,

I've sent email. Why do you need xsp logicsheet and why don't you use 
xmldb protocol with cinclude? This works out of the box, with no effort.


> I tried it hard and I
>finally could make a xmldb logicsheet to work with Cocoon. It's the eXist
>logicsheet. I could only try it for retrieving documents by now but it works
>as expected.
>I'm too tired now. It's been a lot of hours to make Xindice and the
>logicsheet work with Cocoon and I need some rest. I'll test more tomorrow
>and I'll try to make a How-To. Now that Isee it running I must say it
>shoudn't be so hard...
>I hope I could understand better the whole Cocon Wiki thing and make it
>available there...if someone can help me a bit here...
>ps: I've browsed carefully the archives and I read the mailing list
>frequently. I know there are still some people who can't make Xindice work
>with Cocoon. I understand you all... and I must say to all of can
>be done! Don't give up! :-)

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