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From Lajos Moczar <>
Subject Re: local site setup
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 09:09:26 GMT
Hi Peter -

Not a dumb question at all. In fact, until recently, you had to add your 
own build targets to build a clean example-less distribution. But now 
you can do:

build.bat clean-webapp

or clean-webapp.

This gives you a clean war file, without any samples, that you can copy 
to your servlet container.

Once you have a running app, then I suggest that when you rebuild Cocoon 
from the CVS sources, you copy the libs only from the 
build/cocoon/webapp/WEB-INF/lib directory. That way, you get the latest 
code but you don't have to mess up your sitemap.xmap and cocoon.xconf. 
That is, unless there are changes to those files in CVS.

It is also a good idea to do your own work in a subdirectory of the main 
cocoon installation and have your own sub-sitemap. That way, all your 
stuff won't get stomped on if you happen to update the main sitemap.

Good luck,


Peter Koellner wrote:

> hi!
> i'm sure this must be some dumb beginner's question, since nobody seems to
> have asked it until now.
> ok. now i have got this bright new xml-cocoon2 from cvs, built it,
> copied the war file to tomcat3.3's webapps directory, got the whole
> site running. so far, so good.
> what i don't quite understand at the moment is how am i supposed to remove
> the whole demo site and add my own content without intermingling with the
> cocoon cvs tree? i mean, do i have to work inside the cocoon directory,
> which obviously was generated from the war file? or even inside the
> cocoon source repository? can't be, or can it?

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