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From Kim Jelmoni <>
Subject Re: local site setup
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 09:00:09 GMT


try the target clean-webapp on build, you will get a clean cocoon 
without samples.

The other possibility is that you work in webapps/cocoon directory.
You can try to work in a subdirectory that you mount in the main sitemap 
so that you don't lose all samples and docs (that are very valuable for 
the start).
for example:

and mount it in the main sitemap.xmap with:

<!-- pipeline mounting the test dir -->
     <map:match pattern="mytests/**">
       <map:mount check-reload="yes" src="mytests/" uri-prefix="mytests"/>

have fun with cocoon !


Peter Koellner wrote:
> hi!
> i'm sure this must be some dumb beginner's question, since nobody seems to
> have asked it until now.
> ok. now i have got this bright new xml-cocoon2 from cvs, built it,
> copied the war file to tomcat3.3's webapps directory, got the whole
> site running. so far, so good.
> what i don't quite understand at the moment is how am i supposed to remove
> the whole demo site and add my own content without intermingling with the
> cocoon cvs tree? i mean, do i have to work inside the cocoon directory,
> which obviously was generated from the war file? or even inside the
> cocoon source repository? can't be, or can it?

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