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From Miles Elam <>
Subject URL caching in pipelines
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2002 02:13:46 GMT
I want to put a Slashdot feed on my web page with the following (out of 
context for brevity):

  <map:match pattern="feeds/">
    <map:generate src=""/>
    <map:serialize type="xml"/>

This works fine, but the server opens a socket to Slashdot on every 
request to my page.  If my site gets some traffic, Slashdot will not be 
happy with me.  Further, my bandwidth usage goes up.  And when Slashdot 
(and others) become slow, my site will become slow right along with 
them.  None is particularly appealing.

 From the Slashdot syndication page (slashcode): "Do whatever you want, 
but *don't* access the file more than once every 30 minutes."

I went hunting in the mail archives for user and dev and came up with 
the following:

<pipeline expires="now plus 30 minutes">
  <map:match pattern="feeds/">
    <map:generate src=""/>
    <map:serialize type="xml"/>

No difference.  My server's still hitting Slashdot over and over.  I 
tried telnet-ing to the port to at least check for "expires" headers. 
 No dice.  I looked at HttpHeaderAction but that doesn't seem to touch 
Cocoon's cache at all (so of limited use to me).  I've used both 2.0.3 
and 2.1 CVS (as of two weeks ago).

A part of me smiles when I think that if Slashdot ever "slashdotted" me, 
they would be somewhat slashdotted themselves, but this is not my intent 
and I very much want to be a decent feed client.

Anyone have any ideas?  ...preferably with little stress on my server.

- Miles Elam

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