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From Antonio Gallardo Rivera <>
Subject Problem in mod-db again
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 14:14:09 GMT

I am trying to insert permission into a table. The descriptor is:

<table name="permisos">
    <key name="usr_id" type="long">
      <mode name="request-attr" type="all"

   <key name="obj_id" type="long" set="master">
       <mode name="request-param" parameter="obj_id" type="all"/>

The table-set is:

<table-set name="usuario_y_permisos">
  <table name="usuarios"/>
  <table name="permisos" others-mode="request-attr"/>

The error I got is in the sitemap.log:

Thread-4/DatabaseAction: query: INSERT INTO permisos (usr_id, obj_id) VALUES 
(?, ?)
Thread-4/DatabaseAction: Trying to set column permisos.usr_id from 
request-attr using getAttribute method
Thread-4/DatabaseAction: Setting column permisos.usr_id [0] 5
Thread-4/DatabaseAction: Trying to set column permisos.obj_id from 
request-param using getAttributeValues method
Thread-4/DatabaseAction: Setting column permisos.obj_id [0] 3
Thread-4/DatabaseAction: Setting column permisos.obj_id [1] 2
Thread-4/DatabaseAction: ====> row no. 0
Thread-4/DatabaseAction: Setting column permisos.usr_id[0] to 5
Thread-4/DatabaseAction: Rolling back transaction. Caused by null

What I am doing wrong?


Antonio Gallardo

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