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From Antonio Gallardo Rivera <>
Subject [C 2.1 CVS] - About roles in user Authentication
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2002 00:42:55 GMT
I have configured the User Authentication sucessfully. I saw that there is a 
"role" field. Is this value a must field?

I made my own path building tables in a database for users, object and 
permission. The permissions are for example:

Admin users, admin lists, create new data, etc.

Then I saw that there are some roles and some people are talking about the 
role importance and a way to create new roles. But it is not clear the way to 
use it. How it can make our life a little easier.

I think I know how to use it, but it looks to me like a initial draft of a big 
work in the future. This is how I see to the roles at the current level in 
the CVS. May be I am wrong and I hope tha I am ;).

Is there a example of how to use the roles and the more advanced features of 
the authentication Manager like ?

Can someone explain what is the importance of the role and how to use it? How 
to interact with roles and the other features of the Authentication manager 
tha can make our lifes better?

Thanks in advance,

Antonio Gallardo Rivera.

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