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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: dbAdd Action help.
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 07:09:25 GMT
On 07.Oct.2002 -- 11:32 PM, Antonio Gallardo Rivera wrote:
> Thanks for the help!
> I found that in dbAddAction, we must to supply into the descriptor like "key" 
> all the values that cannot be null! This is not describen into the 
> documentation.

I'm not sure I understand right, but the <key/> tags need to list all
the columns that make up the primary key (or any candidate
key). Obviously, columns contained in the primary key may not be null.

> I as not able to check my problem, because the FormValidatorAction tell that 
> all the valuse was there. But as I can see, it looks like the dbAddAction 
> make two database operations, first insert the fileds with "key" tags and 
> after make an update of the register. I think this is not admisible. Because 
> you can have some not-null values that you cannot insert in the first insert 
> with only the key.

No, this is not correct. The DatabaseActions insert a row in one go
and all operations in one transaction.

I assume you are running a recent CVS snapshot?

If so, please note that the name of some modules have been changed and
that the compiled in default is rendered useless. There should be a
warning in your logs indicating this. Please add a
<output>request-attr</output> and <input>request-param</input> at
action declaration to restore the old behaviour.

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