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From Sonny Sukumar <>
Subject Re: Stuck on Hello World, with non-FAQ Problem
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2002 23:19:50 GMT

I cleared out error.log and accessed http://localhost:8080/cocoon/helloworld again and there's
no errors that are logged.  The page just comes up blank.  When I click on View Source, the
document source is COMPLETELY empty.  Should I be using something other than <serialize/>?
 I just copied the example straight from the book.

--- Steven Noels <> wrote:
>Sonny Sukumar wrote:
> > HOWEVER: Cocoon now recognizes the URI when I navigate to
> > http://localhost:8080/cocoon/helloworld, but it is nothing but a
> > blank page.  This started happening after switching the <sitemap>
> > tag, and this behavior is still there after deleting the contents of
> > $TOMCAT_HOME/work.  I guess this is a step forward though.
> >
> > Any idea why I could be getting a blank page?  If not, then I guess
> > I'll have try that error handling stuff eh?  I'm scared. :-/
>You shouldn't ;-)
>Two choices now: dig in the log files 
>($COCOON_HOME/WEB-INF/logs/error.log) or have that error handling stuff 
>set up.
>But I'm off to bed soon now :-)
>Steven Noels                  
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