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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject RE: General questions about caching in Cocoon [REPOST under correct subject]
Date Sun, 06 Oct 2002 02:02:44 GMT
> Does Cocoon provide a mechanism by which all pages
> on the site can be cached
> (perhaps via a crawler)? 
Besides the command line, as you note there was a
brief discussion in the past about using
LinkStatusGenerator to do that.  Here's the link:
Sounds like you want to do this manually on demand. 
If you need to do it automatically at cocoon startup,
you could write a component that calls the
LinkStatusGenerator's generate method and just ignores
the output.  You'd probably do that via the Composable

> Also, I am building a site that has three versions
> per page (Flash,
> non-Flash, etc.) and that uses cookies to set a
> user's preference. 
> Are there caching issues with such an approach?

There have been some recent changes to the caching
mechanism which I haven't followed extremely closely
(the addition of optional "caching points") but that
said, you shouldn't have problems.  In general, all
the logic during pipeline setup will run on every
request (i.e., matchers, actions, etc.) but once the
pipeline is determined the cached version will be
served if its key matches a cached key.  You'd want to
nest a <map:match type="cookie"> or write an action,
or selector.

> Finally, if anyone has any words of wisdom with
> respect to using Cocoon for
> serving multiple versions of a page (from the same
> URL), I'd be happy to
> hear them.

See the above - this is part of cocoon's beauty IMO. 
All logic for your site is encapsulated in one place
using powerful tools.

Geoff Howard

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