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From Antonio Gallardo Rivera <>
Subject Re: How to synchronize combos...
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 12:51:14 GMT
Thanks Ugo!

I know I have a really big problem, I am newbie in Java, XML, XSL and Cocoon 
at the same time:

1-XML dont make me problem because is very easy.
2-Cocoon I think is very logical, but have some dark sides to me (I think).
3-For Java I need to have the API Docs in a browser to write something :(
4-With XSL I think I know now a little more, but always need to see or take 
some code from the already Cocoon code. :(

My only strong is that I have a very very hard head. This is why I can stand 
on the same problem many times,  read some docs and try again and again until 
it is done :)

Antonio Gallardo

El Jueves, 03 de Octubre de 2002 06:32, Ugo Cei escribió:
> Antonio Gallardo Rivera wrote:
> >    if (i > 0)
> >    {
> >      a.concat("WHERE cat_id=");
> >      a.concat(Integer.toString(i));
> >    }
> Strings in Java are immutable! The concat(String) method returns a *NEW*
>   String [1].
> 	a = a.concat("WHERE cat_id=");
> 	a = a.concat(Integer.toString(i));
> Or better yet, use a StringBuffer.
> 	Ugo

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