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From "Jacob L E Blain Christen" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon, sockets and not a web browser.
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 14:53:01 GMT
> >>So what I mean is that I want to use cocoon to make only the
> >>transformations.  I need to make transformations (using xpath)
> >>and I think that cocoon (and XSL) can help me, but the results will
> >>not go to a web-browser.  They have to go to a class.
> >>
> >>My program can be a stand alone program with Swing or SWT gui interface,
> >>or can be a batch program.
> >
> >
> > So then why are you considering Cocoon?
> Why not?

Okay, so the apparent obvious answer to my question is only obvious to me.
Look at Mauro's requirements:  standalone program, gui or batch processs,
XLS and XPath.  Yes Cocoon does utilize XPath and XSL but these are easily
utilized without Cocoon.  Given all of this, WHY would you want to go
the non-trivial task (if you think otherwise I suggest you go back and read
various installation problem posts) of setting up a servlet container with

Cocoon is superfluous to Mauro's needs and can only get in the way.  Thus my
somewhat rhetorical question--rhetorical because I thought the answer to be
quite obvious.

Jacob L E Blain Christen
Entheal LLC

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