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From "Josema Alonso" <>
Subject Xindice logicsheet - initial success
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 22:15:02 GMT
Dear Friends,

Since I got no response to my previous email message, I tried it hard and I
finally could make a xmldb logicsheet to work with Cocoon. It's the eXist
logicsheet. I could only try it for retrieving documents by now but it works
as expected.
I'm too tired now. It's been a lot of hours to make Xindice and the
logicsheet work with Cocoon and I need some rest. I'll test more tomorrow
and I'll try to make a How-To. Now that Isee it running I must say it
shoudn't be so hard...
I hope I could understand better the whole Cocon Wiki thing and make it
available there...if someone can help me a bit here...


ps: I've browsed carefully the archives and I read the mailing list
frequently. I know there are still some people who can't make Xindice work
with Cocoon. I understand you all... and I must say to all of can
be done! Don't give up! :-)

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