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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject [Q] Form posting sitemap pattern...
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 20:47:08 GMT
I can't quite figure out what the right way is to use actions to handle
posting when there is an originating page, the form itself, a validator and
an action.


- The user has a page which displays a collection of items of some sort
  + page:

- clicking 'new' on the books page brings up a form for entering a new
book's details
  + page:

- posting the book's details should validate the book's details (must have a
  + validator action:

- Code adds the book to the book repository
  + add action:

Flows: -> [new book] -> -> [post]
	-> ValidateBook -> [ok] -> AddBook -> -> [new book] -> -> [post]
	-> ValidateBook -> [fail] ->


- to implement both flows above, I can't figure out what:
  + the 'action' target of the POST should be: again,
  + what matcher to put the validate and add actions on

Any help would be appreciated. A pointer to or an actual sample sitemap
snippet would be great.

FYI, I'm not using XMLForm and I'm using 2.0.3


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