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From Ola Berg <>
Subject Handling lousy HTML
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 08:22:41 GMT
At work I have to handle really bad written HTML (they used some really bad HTML generator):

<h1>Hello, world!</H1>

Hi there.
This is plain wrong.
But it works in certain browsers

I thought by using the HTMLGenerator, the Tidy-thing should take care of this. In my site
map I have

<map:generate src=\"hello.html\" type=\"html\"/>
<map:serialize type=\"xhtml\"/>

But the server complains about the source \"hello.html\" being lousy html (containing unbalanced

1) Shouldn\'t tidy handle this? 

2)Or isn\'t tidy involved when I declare my sitemap as above?

If 1) is no, I plan to hack the functionality (going to the dev list first).

If 2) is no, I\'d like to know how to configure it to handle.

I use cocoon-2.0.2-bin.



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