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From "Jeremy Aston" <>
Subject RE: Possible Entity Resolving Bug
Date Sun, 08 Sep 2002 09:56:08 GMT
Hi Antonio,

Whilst this works it's not really solving the problem.  Firstly, anything
with a public identifier can be correctly set up and resolved using catalogs
thus removing the need for the hard coding.  Also, this solution is only
workable at the serializer level - which is not applicable at the
generation/transformation stages when you will be processing XML resources
with their own DTD and entity resolution requirements.

What I am attempting to find out is why system ids are apparently not passed
across to the catalog resolver code for a DOCTYPE - is it correct behaviour,
is there a bug, or is it down to the configuration/operation of a specific
parser?  The parser is picking up the system id because it attempts to use
it as a result of not being able to resolve a match - so why is it not
passing it for matching?

Thanks for your response anyway.


 -----Original Message-----
From: 	Antonio Gallardo Rivera []
Sent:	08 September 2002 03:47
Subject:	Re: Possible Entity Resolving Bug

I resolved this simple problem making a hardcode for example:

<map:serializer logger="sitemap.serializer.html"
	name="html" pool-grow="4" pool-max="32" pool-min="4"
		-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0//ES

Is this correct?

Antonio Gallardo

El Sábado, 07 de Septiembre de 2002 20:45, Jeremy Aston escribió:
> Hi,
> I have been doing some work with entity catlogs and have noticed some
> interesting behaviour.  It appears system ids are being ignored if used
> with a DOCTYPE declaration, only public ids are picked up.  I can
> successfully map something like:
> <!DOCTYPE person PUBLIC "-//PIGBITE//DTD Person V1.0//EN"
> "">
> using an entry like
> PUBLIC "-//PIGBITE//DTD Person V1.0//EN" "dtd/person.dtd"
> But
> <!DOCTYPE person "">
> does not get mapped even if
> SYSTEM" "dtd/person.dtd"
> is in the local catalog.
> I've noted that if a systemId is used to reference an entity - e.g.
> <!ENTITY jez SYSTEM "">
> and a corresponding map is in the catalog file:
> SYSTEM ""    "jez.txt"
> then this is resolved correctly.
> This does not appear to be a fundamental catalog problem.  I modified the
> entity catalog tests to test the above scenarios and everything worked.
> Interestingly the tests force the public Id and systemId args in the
> resolveEntity() method call, however further checks what gets passed to
> resolveEntity in org.apache.cocoon.components.resolver.ResolverImpl show
> that in the case of DOCTYPE the systemId arg is always NULL, regardless of
> if a systemId is present either on it's own or along with a publicid.  In
> the case of an ENTITY declaration the systemid and the publicid (if
> present) are always passed correctly.  It would appear that which ever bit
> of the doc parser picks up the entity references, it is not doing it as I
> would have expected.
> The catalog samples work fine, mainly because all the examples follow the
> above rules.  I know the local catalog is being loaded and have tested
> using the xml-commons tools, my modified cocoon test build and the fact
> that the resolution does take place if the "right" rules are followed.
> Trawling the lists I noted a previous message along similar lines that had
> no response, and I could not find anything else.  Is this behaviour
> or is it a bug?  I've looked at several other sites, including the OASIS
> spec and nothing seems to shed any light on it (other than implying that
> should work as expected) so If someone can advise I can either stop trying
> something that is not meant to happen or raise a bugzilla and do some more
> debugging.
> FYI I am using 2.0.3, JDK1.4, JAXP.  I have not yet tried it against the
> current HEAD code or using the XML catalog format (although I am sure the
> catalog itself is fine)
> jez

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