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From Bryan Zarnett <>
Subject Cocoon and Web Applications
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 00:22:45 GMT
Thanks for everyone's input on the XML Generation. Taking some of those 
comments and going through the documentation, I came down with the 
following simple (and hopefully close to correct) conclusions. The idea 
here is that Cocoon would be used in a web application with Cocoon 
responsible for presentation and user navigation and a web service 
using REST responsible for business rules.

* The user sends down an Action Name which defines the operational 
request the user wishes to invoke. This action name is used in the site 
map to determine the appropriate action to apply.

* The action acts as a controller, processing user input and invoking 
one or more distributed business services (REST, EJB, etc.) that return 
back one or more transport objects. The action aggregates the transport 
objects and places them into request attributes.

* The generator takes the request objects and converts them to XML, 
passing the information onto a transformer.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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