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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject RE: web app design
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 20:09:08 GMT
> My webapp is a vertical app on cocoon, specifically only oriented for
> Businesses who wants to base their e-comm-activity in CRM. 

You still didn't tell us your performance requirements, but this would
suggest that the user community is small, or can at least be physically
partitioned.  As such, a pure Cocoon architecture should be viable.

> In this sense, the result should be a Cocoon but with enhanced services
> the purposes mentioned, strongly based in cocoon but with developing
> future-jobs parallel to Cocoon because her high-specificity.

There are people creating web services on top of Cocoon.  There are also
people creating publishing frameworks on top of Cocoon. Again search the
mail list archives for these discussions. Neither of these areas are
particularly mature in Cocoon (but then again, where are they?), so you'll
likely run into some problems if you try to extend other initiatives. The
one thing that it sounds like you will need  is custom Cocoon serializers
and transformers.  A serializer or a transformer can grab the results of a
transformation and do with it as it pleases.  As such, they can, in a sense,
replace the requirement for components implemented directly on Avalon...

I'm not sure, but depending on your implementation time frame you might want
to consider the Cocoon 2.1 fork instead of the 2.0 versions of Cocoon.  Less
stable, but I think they might fit your requirements a little better (can
anyone validate this?).

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