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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: [newbie] ESQL Error Handling
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 12:26:56 GMT
Zein Dowe wrote:

>i got some questions about the esql logicsheet from cocoon.
>I suppose the first one is easy to answer:
>1. How can i count the number of rows from the result of my query?

Not sure does ESQL has something for this or not, but in any case you 
can count using XSLT.

>The second one seems quit more difficult to me (but i am a newbie and know
>nothing ;-):
>2. How can I handle the exception which is thrown if the database connection
>If i get it right, this kind of exception is handled by cocoon itself and
>by the esql-logicsheet. So how can i prevent that the ugly cocoon exception
>window pops up and, instead of that, show a message which
>says that the connection process has failed?

Any exception can be handled as you want using <map:handle-errors/> 
pipeline in the sitemap. This pipeline has pre-set generator, so you can 
write an XSLT to format (and process) the error any way you want it.


>If somebody knows the answers or has some suggestions, i would be
>very grateful if you share them with me.

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