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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject Re: XHTML Serilization instead of HTML S.
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2002 09:34:57 GMT
Greg Jones wrote:
> How are you creating your HTML. This looks like the issue might be in
> your .XSL file that is creating the <A href></A> tag.  The two tags
> XHTML and HTML should work the same.

how could this be an issue of the XSL file??? the xsl file has to be XML 
   well-formed, hence you have to write XHTML. the xslt prozessor e.g. 
xalan then has the ability to create valid HTML instead of XHTML.

the problem is, that mostly XHTML works the same like HTML in browsers, 
but especially mozilla showes strange behaviour when serving XHTML 
documents e.g. by using the <a /> element.

the behaviour is the following: when you move the mouse over a text 
paragraph, where there is a <a name=""/> tag before, the text of the 
complete paragraph turns into the color of a link and behaves like a 
link, though it is no, off course, and clicking is ignored.

when you move the mouse away, the link color is also away again. 
strange? yes it is. if you do not believe me, try

with Mozilla 1 and you will notify this behaviour. and this is off 
course not desired!


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