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From Gabor Bartha <>
Subject Re: applet, module, Class.forName() - ClassNotFoundException
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2002 09:06:03 GMT

I have an applet in a jar with outer classes (java modules). There are 
several classes in the jar and beside the jar.

When the applet is running (from the jar) it finds the classes inside 
the jar, but is unable to find the classes beside the jar.

I have the jar file: /myApp/main.jar
I have the classes: /myApp/outclasses/needed/req.class
When Class.forName(outclasses/needed/req) is called, 
ClassNotFoundExecption occures. I have pipeline for the jar, and for class:

<map:match pattern="*.jar">
  <map:read src="{1}.jar" mime-type="application/java-archive"/>
<map:match pattern="*.class">
  <map:read src="{1}.class" mime-type="application/java-class"/>

If I use the <map:match pattern="**.class"> pipeline, the classes inside 
the jar cannot be loaded, and ClassNotFoundException occures.


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