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From Simon Price <>
Subject Re: XMLForm data stored/retrieved via Session Transformer?
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2002 21:56:53 GMT
Ivelin Ivanov wrote:

> XMLForm currently supports JavaBeans, DOM and mixed models.
> You can look at the Feedback Wizard demo for example.

I will look again, but it was not obvious to me how to pass a DOM model.

> How do you mean that people will be using forms without writing Java code.
> We can write another Action to take as parameter a file name with the XML
> model, however how you you handle the input data once submitted. How would
> you implement the logic for handling the input data? This has been requested
> before, but noone has suggested a better replacement for Java when it comes
> to writing general purpose logic.

Schematron could still be used to do validation. XSLT could operate on 
the model instance (built from the request) to so simple logic. I agree 
Java is better for complex logic, but XSLT would be a nice halfway 
between the modular database actions approach and the full XML Forms + 
JB approach.

I'll try and work my ideas up into a full example to show what I'm 
thinking of.

Another idea might be to use the flow engine to do some of the 
validation/processing. Although I don't think this would scale well, it 
would be a practical entry point for people moving from clientside to 
serverside - they could make use of their javascript skills and then 
later move on to java.


> Ivelin
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> From: "Simon Price" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Sunday, September 08, 2002 2:45 PM
> Subject: Re: XMLForm data stored/retrieved via Session Transformer?
>>Support for Alan's suggestion of a model in XML format....
>>I'm pretty certain that JXPath can be used with a DOM object so it
>>should be possible for XMLForms to support both JBs and XML as the model.
>>Personally, I really like the idea of being able to create and
>>manipulate the model without having to drop into Java. For many simple
>>forms, its seems like complete overkill having to write beans.
>>Irrespective of what I think, there's a strong argument for having an
>>XML model: new Cocoon users and non-Java programmers will be able to
>>take advantage of XML Forms.

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