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From Alan Hodgkinson <>
Subject XMLForm data stored/retrieved via Session Transformer?
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 16:26:05 GMT

Dear All,

Is it possible to get the data into/out of an XMLForm in XML 
format, via the session transformer?

My goal is to implement business objects stored in XML in the 
session rather than in JavaBeans. It seems to me that form data 
is just begging to be stored in XML format, because it gives 
you Cocoon's tremendous flexibility to manipulate it using XSLT 

Unfortunately, after searching the docs and mail archive, I can't
find anything that will allow me to use the XMLForm directly
with the session transformer. The XMLForm sees to require a JavaBean 
as a data container. Hopefully I'm wrong with this assumption and 
some kind soul can correct me, with a link to the doc I missed or
with some helpful advice.

Is there some Cocoon documentation or feature that I missed, which 
will allow me to do this? 

..or perhaps someone can suggest where I can implement hooks (or 
hacks :) in the XMLForm to get it to use the session tranformer 
rather than Java beans.

Many thanks in advance and

Best wishes,

Alan Hodgkinson

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