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From Antonio Gallardo Rivera <>
Subject Re: [C2.1-CVS] About XSP
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2002 21:09:01 GMT
I know that XSP is not only attached to Java, there are implementation of XSP 
using perl, for example AxKit. And into Cocoon there are impletations in 
Java, Javascript and Python.

The 2 question is hw about performance? What of both makes it faster?

> Putting point two differently: XSLT is designed specifically for
> manipulating XML. Java is a general programming language not at all
> specialized for handling XML, XSP only partly bridges the gap.

Maybe yes, but into the apache website there is writen they recomend the use 
of XSP to create and update data in a database while the use XSLT to retrieve 

My approach is use the 2 techologies. I am not against XSLT since I use it 
after the XSP generator give to the pipeline the data. Mainly to make some 
changes with custom a XSL to prepare the aoutput before the serializer makes 
the endwork.

Then as you can see I use the 2 technologies. Is this correct?

Also I recently makes a search in of the keyword "XSP". Is XSP too 
new technology that there are 146,000 links?
In contrast XSL give me back 1.59 millions.
JSP retuns 12.5 millions
XML - 12.7 Milllions
Cocoon - 544,000

Any comments are welcome.

Antonio Gallardo

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