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From Torsten Knodt <>
Subject Re: Accessing SVG's in Cocoon via SVG Serializer
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 09:37:00 GMT
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Hi Michael,
> I also have Problems including external Images during SVG serialization. In
> my case it's about JPEGs, but that shouldn't do a difference.
No, it isn't.

> My Sitemap and XSLT look quite similar to yours, but the only way I can
> include external images into the SVG is through a http:// URL. This might
> be a solution for your Problem with including dynamically generated images.
> But for me it is not a that good solution, since the http:// URL on my
> develpment system is different from the one on the production system.
Same problem for me.

> > The example above doesn't work.
> Being able to use the cocoon: protocol would be great, but it does not seem
> to work in my webapp either. Do you have any idea why? I've already tried
> it with cocoon 2.0.1, 2.0.2 and 2.0.3. I think this should be fixed if
> possible...
Yes, I have. I'm currently working with the batik sources. The problem seems 
to be the URI resolving. Batik has an own version of it.
Currently I'm working on the transcoders of Batik. When this is done, I would 
work on the URL resolving problem. But I think my current work will take 
perhaps two weeks or more. So perhaps, you can take the other problem. Some 
java knowledge would be good for it. ;) I think the best would be to start in 
the Bridge code of batik (easy to find). It transforms the parsed SVG 
document into a SVG DOM tree. For every tag, including "image", there's a 
bridge class. From there you have to look for the URI resolving. I had found 
it very fast, but don't rember where it exactly was. This has to be modified 
for using the cocoon resolver. The problem is, that batik isn't based on 
avalon/ excalibur. So it could be some work. But then, you would have all URI 
features of cocoon avalaible. If you want to try it, feel free to ask me (but 
don't forget I'm a newbie to batik) or the batik developers mailing list.

> > Using file:// is no problem, but I want to use
> > it with dynamically created content, so I can't access the filesystem
> > directly.
> I suppose this only works with absolute paths, which is again no good
> solution for me. Have you ever had it running with relative paths? I wasn't
> able to...
I had the same problem.

With kind regards
	Torsten Knodt
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