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From gv <>
Subject XSP output: disable-output-escaping?
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2002 17:51:09 GMT

>From an XSP page, I am trying to output a Java
variable that contains the XML result of an external
script as XML, but my angle brackets are escaping to
character entities.

I have a Java String variable called 'scriptOutput'.
It's filled with a string of XML that comes from an
external script. My goal is have my XSP page output
this String as XML.

The results of my XSP looks something like this:

<page xmlns:xsp=""



This is the result I want:

<page xmlns:xsp=""



I tried fooling around with <xsp:element>,
<xsp:content>, and <xsp:expr> with no luck. I guess
I'm looking to do something similar to XSLT's
'disable-output-escaping'. Any ideas on if/how this
can be done?


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