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From (Steven Cummings)
Subject Re: How can I output ESQL value as CDATA?
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 19:54:53 GMT
I sometimes need this type of feature to get the result of some expression (I'm not really
working with ESQL specifically) that is an XML document or fragment. Sometimes you just want
to show the XML result without writing a stylesheet that reproduces the text to display the
elements in HTML. For instance, if you wanted to display a raw SOAP response with a construct

<pre><![CDATA[ <soap:call>...</soap:call>]]></pre>

But obviously as John stated, the fact that the expression is already in CDATA means that
it won't get evaluated at all. What would be nice in XSP are node-construction tags like those
found in XSLT, such as xsl:attribute. Having something like <xsp:cdata> to complement
<xsp:text> would be nice. But then again, I guess you could write a logicsheet to perform
this sort of function:

     <!-- My XSP/SOAP/ESQL/whatever expression -->

Then the expression should already be evaluated before YOUR logicsheet replaces <my-prefix:cdata/>
with <![CDATA[...]]>. I hope this helps.


Joerg Heinicke <> wrote:

>Hi John,
>it's not possible as you find out, but why would you need it?
>I assume that the result of ESQL is escaped, otherwise there will be trouble 
>to often. So why do you want to escape it one more often?
>gv wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there any way to put an ESQL result string into a
>> CDATA section in the XSP output?
>> I want to do something like the following, but
>> (predictably) the ESQL tag itself is put into CDATA:
>> <mycol><![CDATA[<esql:get-string column="my_col"
>> />]]></mycol>
>> Also tried < and > entities for the braces
>> surrounding the CDATA; didn't work (< and > stay
>> as entities in the XSP output).
>> Desired XSP output:
>> <mycol><[CDATA[ result ]]></mycol>
>> Is there any way to do this?
>> Thanks,
>> John
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