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From "Ola Berg" <>
Subject Re: Handling lousy HTML
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 12:29:09 GMT
From: "John Moylan" <>

> You probably need to preprocess your HTML with tidy before you introduce 
> it to Cocoon.

Well, according to the sitemap in the cocoon dist (2.0.2), jtidy is involved in the HTML generator.

Yes, preprocessing is a necessity. But I need it preprocessed live and direct in the pipeline
by Cocoon, as the bad HTML is generated by legacy scripts that no one dares to touch, just
wrap using Cocoon.

Either way: a HeavyDutyMrProperHtmlGenerator that fixes this using some heavy tidy-stuff should
be useful. I understand if the normal HTMLGenerator don't want to waste cycles on handling
"HTML" that never should have been written anyway, but if you _know_ you have to deal with
pages generated by FrontPage0.6 or perl scripts done by interns in the summer of '96, I think
the option should be available. 

Does such a beast exist somewhere?

If not, I intend to write one, as the problem at our company needs to be solved about this
yesterday :-)

BTW: the example I provided is actually cleaner than much of the code I need Cocoon to deal

> ><html>
> ><body>
> ><h1>Hello, world!</H1>
> >
> >Hi there.
> ><p>
> >This is plain wrong.
> ><p>
> >But it works in certain browsers
> ></body>
> ></html>

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