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From "Barbara Post" <>
Subject big bug in latest CVS ? Basic custom Action not working
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 12:59:23 GMT

I have the following, with CVS built 10 minutes ago, same bug with
yesterday's one... :

<map:match pattern="xmldoc/*">
   <map:act type="xmldocexists">
       <map:parameter name="taminoUri"
       <map:parameter name="query" value="Template[@Id='{../1}']"/>
       <map:redirect-to uri="login"/>
       <map:redirect-to uri=""/>

It does not work : {../1} has an empty value... I just println the "query"
parameter as soon as I get it in the action class.... see below.

If I use {1} which is wrong, I get the action executed twice : a first time
with the value of what is
matched by the star, a second time with "login" passed as value of "query"
parameter !!

This is really alarming... ;-o or maybe I need some rest...
Any clue ? The same bug if I use cocoon-2.1-dev.jar from 09/03, but all the
other newest jars.

public class XMLDocumentExistsAction extends ComposerAction
implements ThreadSafe {
  String uri = "";
  String query = "";

public Map act(Redirector redirector,
                   SourceResolver resolver,
                   Map objectModel,
                   String source,
                   Parameters param)
      Map sitemapParams = new HashMap();
    this.uri = (String) param.getParameter("taminoUri");
    System.out.println("new query to :" + this.uri);
    this.query = (String) param.getParameter("query");


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