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From "neil" <>
Subject fix EncodeURLTransformer to process page that generates the session
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2002 06:26:39 GMT
I've just started using org.apache.cocoon.transformation.EncodeURLTransformer and found it
works fine
except for the first page generated after my login page i.e. the page that creates the session.

I see that it uses
to determine whether any encoding is required, but this is false for the page that creates
the session.

If I change the test from
            if ( request.isRequestedSessionIdFromURL() ) {
	      final String fred = "fred.html";
            if ( request.isRequestedSessionIdFromURL() || !fred.equals(response.encodeURL(fred))
) {
then it works for this page too. Maybe there's a neater way to do the same thing?

Without this fix a workaround would be to create the session when the login form is generated
instead of when its posted.

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