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From Raúl Wild-Spain <>
Subject Q: web app design
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 16:40:22 GMT

I'm beginning in Cocoon so I've read the related documentation including the
Avalon whitepaper. Even so I've some troubles to identify the proper
implementation method for my webapp.

Starting from Av. whitepaper I've an idea for my webapp and ending to Cocoon
documentation I've another different ... I'm confused!

I hope you can guide me whether my ideas are "out" or "on the way" or
whether I should to re-orient my decisions.

In my webapp I need some "components" or "services" those which must perform
some process for each http request that is arrived (request-related or not)
always before to process the request through Cocoon (basically like a
filter). It can have more components like these, in a future.

With the Avalon whitepaper I deduced the following:

* I could create (if needed) my interfaces, contracts and roles and then for
each "component" to extend my related interfaces.

* Specifically my components seems to need to provide a method to execute
their specific process ( interface contract? ) and like it should be loaded
dynamically will be good to load all components through a componentmanager.
A servlet for my webapp could execute each method for each loaded component
(each http-request) and  then to pass the http-request to CocoonServlet to
follow the normal process ...

* Some of my components need to be configured with specific xml tags and
data, so I should implement an xsl logic-sheet which will contain all my xml
semantics. ( taglibs?)

 I explained well?, my english isn't very good :-( ...

Related to cocoon it seems I need to do all this through generators or
actions ( I think), but It not seems the proper way because all my required
process will occurs out of SAX streams or related process (or I don't
understand how to do it). Only in the load process my components will need
to read some specific xml data for their configuration and initialization

Also I will need my components make use of session management, caching,
scheduling DB access and i18n ... should it manage it directly with java?
cocoon? and/or avalon components?


Best Regards,

Raúl Cruz

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