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From Raúl Wild-Spain <>
Subject Re: web app design
Date Sat, 21 Sep 2002 13:18:41 GMT

I'm sorry, Peter, but although I know it's important I've not quantified yet
questions as users max or transactions per second. I'm not accustomed nor
have experience in performance metrics. I've docs about engineering studies
for these practices and the only one I've deduced is that I will need a
special tool to simulate scenarios and detect my critical parameters that
will govern the application's overall performance and then to simulate
alternatives architectures ... is it completely correct?

for the time being I only understand that I should orient designs (in this
case) to minimize metrics as transaction delay, data delivery time for  good
user experiences. I know it's little or undefined but it's my starting
point.   :-(

 Thus, I only can respond the following questions:

> how dynamic the data is and where it is sourced:  is every page built
> dynamically, or are pages mostly static?  Is the data all XML, is some of
it relational DB, or does some come from
> other systems via EJBs?

Pages are mostly dinamic, from xml files and also stored in relational-DB.

As a comment to this question: For some weeks I'm looking for some people
with experience in NXDB ( Native XML DataBases), but it seems there aren't
much people working with NXDB because I have not still found anybody  ... I
thought that if normally we access a relational-DB to create xml files from
our querys then to base us in a NXDB could eliminate this intermediate
process ... Is it possible NXDB aren't still mature so I haven't found
anyone or is it not so easy?.

This framework will be for small business or medium business and to
construct and publish their corporative webs.

As you're suggested to me, I'll looking for in the mail archive.

thanks a lot for your help and guidelines, Peter

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