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From "u13209" <>
Subject Bug in XMLFormTransformer??????
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 12:25:50 GMT
Hello cocooners,

we use the latest Version of cocoon 2.1-dev.
We have still a little Problem in our XMLForms
during using the dynamic <SelectOne/>.

    <xf:selectOne ref="/attribute/to">
      <xf:itemset nodeset="/model/ourCollection">
        <xf:caption ref="./name"/>
        <xf:value ref="./id"/>

We want fill our Select with Data from the Objects
contained in /model/ourCollection. The Problem is, that
the ref="/attribute/to" is null at the first time.
In this case the result contains a empty select list.
We can't initialize "/attribute/to", because it is a unknown 
value and a attribute in a hashmap.

It seems to be still a bug in the transformer, because it
have to handle a null selected-value.

the generated select contains the right count of items, but
they are filled with the following content:

 <xf:selectOne ref="/attribute/to">
    <xf:value /> 
    <xf:item ref="/model/ourCollection[32]" /> 
    <xf:item ref="/model/ourCollection[29]" /> 
    <xf:item ref="/model/ourCollection[28]" /> 
    <xf:item ref="/model/ourCollection[27]" /> 
    <xf:item ref="/model/ourCollection[14]" /> 

  P.S. Thank you Ivelin for your new Version, the selectOne/Many 
  is working fine ( only in this special case ;-)

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