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From "Ryan Agler" <>
Subject handle-errors skipped after first transformation
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 06:37:07 GMT
Just wondering if this is a bug or I'm just missing something obvious:  

I have several places in my sitemap where there are multiple
transformations taking place
(generate-->transform-->transform-->serialize), and have experienced
random map:handle-errors behavior when exceptions would occur during the
transformation process.

I decided to do an experiment by modifying startElement in the
LogTransformer to throw a SAXException after it was called a few times,
and here is what I found:

If a SAXException occurs in a transformer that is located DIRECTLY AFTER
the generator
map:handle-errors works properly.  However, if an exception occurs in a
transformer that comes AFTER THE FIRST transformer in the sitemap
map:handle-errors doesn't seem to be getting called at all:  only a
blank html page gets returned to the client, even if I specify
map:handle-errors to serialize the error as xml.  This would also
explain why map:handle-errors works properly for all of the
single-transformation parts of my sitemap.

I am using the interpreted sitemap with Cocoon 2.1-dev.

Any thoughts?

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