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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Error "no connections in the pool" with mySQL?
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 12:01:49 GMT
I have an old problem on a new machine ;-(

The new machine, where I have just done a 'clean' installation
of an app that runs without any problems on my machine (and
on the local Unix box) has the following config:
- Windows2000
- Tomcat 4.0.01
- Cocoon 2.0
- mySQL 3.23.xx

Cocoon itself runs fine, as do the test hssql database samples,
as does the non-database part of the app.

The problems arises when I try to connect to the mySQL database
and get a:
 Exception in ServerPagesGenerator.generate(): 
 Could not get the datasource java.sql.SQLException: 
 There are no connections in the pool, check your settings.

A search through the mail archives shows that this is *usually* a 
problem with the web.xml file.  Here are my various DB-related entries
in the web.xml and cocoon.xconf files:

        <!-- For IBM WebSphere: -->
        <!-- For Database Driver: -->
        <!--  mySQL Database Driver: -->

   <!-- connection for database -->
    <jdbc name="indicators_user">
      <pool-controller min="5" max="50"/>

I think the problem *might* be with the [hostname] in the <dburl>
as Tomcat does not run off the localhost [there is *no* localhost on 
this machine] but off nn.nn.nn.nn:8080.
I  have tried various combinations of  settings eg.:


PLEASE - I really need to get this app working at the client asap, 
(yesterday,, possible ;-) and did not anticipate these "basic" problems

- I am sure I am missing something simple here and would appreciate 
any insight.


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