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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject RE: Keeping HTMLSerializer from altering markup?
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 14:57:40 GMT
> method, but what is cdata-section-elements? Could it be of use to me 
> here?

cdata-section-elements is a declaration in xsl:output element of xsl which
allows you to cause the contents of an element to be surrounded by a
<![CDATA[ ]]> block, which causes the character data to pass through
transformation untouched.  I use this when serializing page parts in XML
that contain html and need further processing later.  Whether it will do
what you want when used with HTMLSerializer I don't know, but it's worth a
shot.  Technically, the Serializer is only setting up the output method of
the xsl transformation engine (probably xalan, unless you've configured it
to use something else) and in XSL's view, cdata-section-elements is
irrelevant to html output method.  Having said that, it will probably be
dependant on the implementation and might work.  If you modify your
serializer definition to the following:

<map:serializer name="html" mime-type="text/html"

and try again, you'll know soon enough.  

If it doesn't work, I'd try changing them to entities like &lt;br&gt; and
see if you luck out and the translation engine decides to output these as
characters.  You may be able to affect this outcome by trying various
combinations of the doctype-public and encoding parameters for your html

The bottom line is that xhtml would be better for this, and you might want
to look more into what the problem with Mozilla is.

Geoff Howard

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