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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject RE: sexy open source
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 21:09:03 GMT
> So far, every time I hear someone talk about using EJB's and cocoon, the
> topic gets bundled with deploying cocoon in the appserver itself, which
> you to one front end machine and causes all of your display logic (cocoon)
> to run on the same disks and cpus as your ejb logic.  Is no one using
> on a remote (conceptually remote, even if it's on the same machine for
> server from within cocoon?  Seems to me that a powerful set up is

Assuming you had your JNDI service running correctly the only issue would be
packaging up the data classes and the interfaces for Cocoon. That could be a
bit of a pain if you had a lot of EJB's and had to manually code the build
script to package up the right pieces, but if you're careful with your
naming conventions you could probably automate that pretty quickly (for
every class that has a "Home" or "Bean" suffix you know there's a
corresponding class that doesn't have the "Home" suffix that is the class
you want to bundle up for Cocoon). Haven't needed to do this yet, but could
be doing so sometime this fall.

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