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From Vaskin Kissoyan <>
Subject Re: clearing all caches
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 21:15:59 GMT

Lajos Moczar wrote:

 > Delete Tomcat's work directory for your webapp 
($CATALINA_HOME/work/Standalone/localhost ...)

I did tried this it did not work. My new toc information is not there, 
funny thing was that I was seeing immediate changes for a while there...

Antonio Gallardo Rivera wrote:

>Hi Vaskin:
>To resolve your problem you must tell Cocoon to check for change in a synchron 
>form. To do this:
>In the file cocoon.xconf
>search for:
><sitemap file="sitemap.xmap" reload-method="asynchron" check-reload="yes" 
>then change the attribute reload-method to synchron:
><sitemap file="sitemap.xmap" reload-method="synchron" check-reload="yes" 

I found the following:
    For development environment, set the check-reload to yes.
    For production environment, it is advisable to set the check-reload 
to no.
  <sitemap check-reload="yes" 
class="org.apache.cocoon.sitemap.SitemapManager" file="sitemap.xmap" 
logger="sitemap" reload-method="synchron"/>

It looks like mine is correctly set for development, but I still am not 
seeing any of my changes.

ARG now it looks like some pages are returning completely empty with no 
errors! <body></body>

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