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From Alan Hodgkinson <>
Subject Generic SQL transformer output
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 17:33:42 GMT

Dear All,

I'm trying to implement a set of XSP sheets to manage
administrative records in a database. This merely means
implementing insert, update and delete for records in
a number of different tables.

Naturally, I'm striving for a generic solution so that 
I can use the same insert/update/elete functionality on
different database tables just by changing a table 
name parameter (most likely in the sitemap).

My problem is that the output generated by the 
SQLTransformer gives me <row>'s, which are fine, except 
that they contain elements named after the columns names. 
I'd rather have a series of 

  <column id="columnName">columnValue</column>

tags (or something equivalent). My goal is to be able to
transform the output into a display table or input form.

My questions:

1. Is it possible to instruct the SQLTransformer (or
if not, the esql logicsheet) to generate <column>
tags that contain the column name and value.

2. Is there some XSLT trick I can use to sidestep the
problem entirely? E.g. Is it possible to write an XSLT 
transformation that converts the current SQLTransformer 
output to the format that I want?

3. Is there some way of getting the meta data associated
with the data being returned by the SQLTransformer? I would
like this in order to set up the table/column headers.

4. Is there already some clever code (in the Cocoon code/
examples that I haven't yet been able to find yet) that 
does this already?

Thanks in advance,


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