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From "Emmanuil Batsis (Manos)" <>
Subject Re: sexy open source
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 21:32:46 GMT

Since we are talking about add-on projects, I would vote for Wyona CMS 
project; a content management system that sits on top of Cocoon.

Andreas Hochsteger wrote:

>Hi again!
>I found some more links at home.
>So here they are:
>* UML Modeling:
>  ArgoUML (
>* Version Control System:
>  CVS (
>  Subversion ( (!!!)
>* IDE:
>  Eclipse (
>  Netbeans (
>* Job Scheduling:
>  Quartz (
>* Workflow Management (continued):
>  OSWorkflow (
>* Search Engine:
>  Apache Lucene (
>* Regression Testing:
>  JUnit (
>  JXUnit (
>  JMeter (
>* Build Framework:
>  Ant (
>  Krysalis Centipede (
>* Project Site Management:
>  Apache Forrest (
>If I find some more projects in my huge unmanaged link mail folder I'll let 
>you know ;-)
>On Mittwoch, 14. August 2002 20:00, Manos Batsis wrote:
>>Score 2, informative ;-)
>>I guess I'll have to get KDE3. Either that or I have no clue about what is
>>going on in my machine (quite possible).
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From:	Hochsteger Andreas /INFO-MA []
>>Sent:	Wed 8/14/2002 6:32 PM
>>To:	''
>>Subject:	AW: sexy open source
>>I don't know, if you're interested in that, but I've got some additions to
>>your suggestions:
>>* CRM/ERP System:
>>  Compiere (
>>* XML Editor for Content Editing:
>>  Xopus 2 (
>>* Content Management System:
>>  Wyona (
>>* SVG Editing:
>>  Kontour (KDE KOffice Application,
>>* eBusiness Integration
>>  Open3 Projects and Components (
>>* Enterprise Network Management:
>>  OpenNMS (
>>* Single-Sign-On:
>>  Liberty Alliance Standard (no products yet?)
>>* Central User Management: ?
>>* Workflow Management:
>>  OpenFlow (
>>  Open Business Engine (
>>  Open For Business (
>>* Instant Messaging:
>>  Jabber (
>>* Shop/eCommerce
>>  Open For Business (
>>I could imagine even more business areas, where a complete open source
>>based integration would be like heaven.
>>Please give comments, I'm interesting in your suggestions.
>>>-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
>>>Von: Vegan Portal []
>>>Gesendet: Mittwoch, 14. August 2002 14:53
>>>Betreff: sexy open source
>>>Hi cocooners,
>>>Now that I have your attention, I would like to
>>>discuss the ideal of non-compromised development of
>>>full-blown, stable, scallable and manageable
>>>applications with open-source only and how far one
>>>could get to fulfill this. It is probably little OT on
>>>this list, but I think a bunch of very open-minded and
>>>progressive folks is here, so I hope I could get some
>>>discussion going.
>>>I think many of you have reached some status quo which
>>>could be of great service to all the newcomers.
>>>Nevertheless, everybody is probably tired of yet
>>>another bugs, yet another unanswered questions, yet
>>>another everyday technology-related problems and there
>>>is no end to this. But I have a faith that there is
>>>some solution that could be achieved with open source
>>>and it waits to be discovered.
>>>It starts with what one wants to achieve. For me, it
>>>is secure content-centric multi-user roles web portal,
>>>with professional design, able to serve without
>>>interruption even by ongoing changes and high user
>>>traffic. But I think the framework I'd like to propose
>>>here may be universal enough to be equally worth also
>>>for many other means.
>>>If you got so far with me, I'd like to start being
>>>1) Operating system
>>>Proposal: Linux
>>>Remarks: One could discuss the distributions or other
>>>Unix derivates here, but I think it's irrelevant for
>>>further points.
>>>2) Programming language
>>>Proposal: pure Java 1.3.1x
>>>Remarks: I know many of you are trying 1.4 out, but it
>>>may still take some time to be able to be used for
>>>production sites. Moreover, many open source
>>>technologies were still not ported to 1.4. Correct me
>>>if I'm wrong.
>>>3) Application framework
>>>Proposal: JBoss 3.x
>>>Remarks: This is worth discussion, as many of you use
>>>iPlanet or don't use any J2EE or related technologies
>>>at all. I think JBoss is good for achieving
>>>scallability for the site. What concrete parts of
>>>JBoss are involved, is very OT here.
>>>4) Business Logic Persistence
>>>Proposal: Firebird RDBMS as JBoss service
>>>Remarks: I personally think it is most evolved
>>>open-source database now. The problem is, almost
>>>nobody uses it, the JDBC driver is beta etc. Next good
>>>candidate could be PostgreSQL - with more user
>>>support, so maybe better solution. Any ideas?
>>>5) Web container
>>>Proposal: Jetty as JBoss service
>>>Remarks: I know Tomcat is more used, but Jetty is
>>>easier to be integrated into JBoss and both offer
>>>similar if not same functionality. This is a point I
>>>would like to discuss further.
>>>6) Content Persistence
>>>Proposal: stand-alone XIndice
>>>Remarks: This component should be used only for
>>>content without business logic, outside J2EE, for
>>>example for simple static content editing templates
>>>and external content syndicate subscription. Simply
>>>for everything that's too light to be served by deep
>>>application logic. Did anybody use it already? That's
>>>a question.
>>>7) Content Framework
>>>Proposal: Cocoon, what else :)
>>>Remarks: The task of Cocoon is to separate Logic from
>>>Design, what it should be good at. I want to get more
>>>detailed here: Starting with structured XSP,
>>>xincluding or transforming (what is better?) parts of
>>>final site together, using taglib logicsheets for
>>>access to business logic that is delegated to J2EE
>>>(did anybody here got it working?), other taglib for
>>>content persistence and yet other for reused content
>>>elements. The XSP should contain as little Java as
>>>possible, all hrefs should be good organized with
>>>sitemap and XForm could be used for user inputs (are
>>>we so far?). XSP should somehow incorporate JAAS from
>>>JBoss for user authorisation to access the documents
>>>(anybody tried this?) The result of multiple
>>>transformations is then complete site as XML, that is
>>>further processed using XSLT to incorporate the design
>>>and graphics and serialized to appropriate end format.
>>>If possible, all the vector design elements should be
>>>dynamically created using SVG (anybody?), page should
>>>be somehow cacheable for better response times (???)
>>>and the final result should be optimized for several
>>>types of client (is DELI of use here?) and/or
>>>serialized to PDF (do I expect too much?). The
>>>workflow by creating the content can be following:
>>>After initial discussion between involved parties,
>>>dummy working XSP/XSL is/are created, possibly reusing
>>>already available static elements from taglibs. Then,
>>>database/J2EE developers work on filling it with
>>>propper dynamic data, content writers type in
>>>internationalized static texts and designers are
>>>parallel creating more mature XSL, icons, SVG and thin
>>>client customizations. Working adjustments are posted
>>>to versioning system without injuring established
>>>interfaces to other team members. Final version
>>>emerges and the team could proceed to other page.
>>>Seems like heaven to me, but is probably hell to
>>>achieve. Or is similar optimized team workflow
>>>available anywhere in this world?
>>>8) Web frontend
>>>Proposal: Apache
>>>Remarks: This is only for security reasons - the task
>>>of Apache is just to forward the requests. I think
>>>more of you are using it, true?
>>>9) Suporting Tools
>>>XML editor: ??? (I use several or write the XML from
>>>XSL editor: ??? (Did not find good free one)
>>>SVG editor: ??? (any free one available?)
>>>Versioning: CVS (makes some trouble for JBoss)
>>>Dev IDE: Eclicpse (I use JBuilder now but want to
>>>Sitemap editor: Pollo (is there anything else?)
>>>Project Management: PHPMyProject (or other web-based
>>>Database Management: ibMyAdmin (depending on DB, of
>>>Project Modeling: Poseidon CE (used to visualize the
>>>business proccess, generating DB structure, EJB and
>>>documentation from XMI is still not mature enough for
>>>serious use in my eyes)
>>>anything else you use?
>>>Now, I got about 80% of above configuration working,
>>>but have severe problems with integrating the rest.
>>>I'm eager to share my experience with anybody who is
>>>interested and even more eager to get the rest or
>>>another worthy combination to work together. Many
>>>times I feel like reinventing the wheel, or some
>>>dreaded little problem of incompatibility makes me to
>>>start again with other versions of components. I hope
>>>I could find anybody to go through this hell with me
>>>and then share the results for the community. There
>>>are probably other people trying to achieve similar
>>>environments, I would be happy to know about them and
>>>their progress.
>>>OK, I'd better stop now, this post got too long for
>>>occupied open-source developer eyes.
>>>Thank you in advance,
>>>Feel free to mail me personally (
>>>if you think this list is not the propper place for
>>>such a discussion,
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