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From "Emmanuil Batsis (Manos)" <>
Subject Re: sexy open source
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 17:40:08 GMT
> From:    Vegan Portal []
> Hi Manos,

Finally, someone that says hi to people.

Wow, this thread got a lot of attention. Unfortunatelly I am home and I 
won't go over those messages via a web based interface (that's the only 
way to view them from home). I chast subscribed with this addy instead. 
I will keep our context in my reply and do an overall comment sometime 

>  --- Manos Batsis <> schrieb: >
>  > > 2) Programming language
>  > > Proposal: pure Java 1.3.1x
>  > 1.4 is better IMHO.
> Well, it should be, but I've seen several people here
> reporting problems already with Cocoon alone, not to
> mention other components.

That's because you had to build Cocoon using JDK1.4 to for some things 
to work, namelly database access.

> What version of Cocoon
> to take? (win32)
cocoon-2.0.3-vm14-bin.tar.gz (linux)

>  > > 4) Business Logic Persistence
> [...]
> I did not get PostgreSQL working under JBoss, probably
> my fault or the fault of using JBoss at all.

Unfortunatelly, I have no experience whatsoever with JBoss.

> I also
> like PostgreSQL more, but then: What free DB
> Management for Linux/Windows do you use?

Usually MySQL, but that's mostly because of habit and web administration 
via PHPMyAdmin.

>  > More people are familiar with Tomcat.
> Me too! Just that ... JBoss doesn't like it that much.
> Again, fault of using JBoss at all?

Actually, there's a bundle of JBoss with a version of  Tomcat at No clue about setting those two up together but I know people 
in this list have done so; perhaps someone should do a good thing and 
supply with the documentation for this (item 1 ;-)

> > > dynamically created using SVG (anybody?)
>  > Sure ;-)
> You are probably ironic here regarding the complexity
> of SVG. 

On the contrary, I love SVG.

> But if it could spare the great deal of
> designers work on creating reusable vector-based
> graphics that are then serialized to appropriate
> format, depending on client capabilities. I've put
> some very simple SVG generation together and it is an
> inferno, but I dream about making it mature enough for
> production, although I'm afraid the results may be not
> worth the time put into it and designers love their
> Adobe/Gimp .and hate XML.

JascWebdraw is good, but if you have a markup/web authoring background 
you are better with a good text editor. I don't know about open source 
projects on the SVG editor area.

>  > > 8) Web frontend
>  > > Proposal: Apache
>  > Not needed.
> Is configuring Tomcat secure enough for example in
> case of DoS attacks?

Sorry, out of my territory.

>  > > Project Management: PHPMyProject
>  > No files released. Try phpcollab.
> True. Thank you for suggestion.

Pretty cool. Even has Gant charts. Instalation was a little hard on windows.

> You mean some group of crazy people should be put
> together and make the ultimate environment true? 

Hey, it's a geek fashion ;-)
Seriously now, it's a big task and will require people to through in 
some brains, experience and hours of work. Worst of all, it will require 
us to be serious and eager to do the job.

Kindest regards,


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