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From yuryx <>
Subject Re: session variables
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 06:33:37 GMT wrote:

>  I got a problem of maintaining session variables in cocoon. My 
>problems are as follows :
>1)Can I get variables in a sitemap from XSP ? For example,
><map:match pattern="**/dynamic.xsp">
>	<map:parameter name="variable" value="getparameter(name)" />
Try to  define the sitemap parameter in your action and set the 
parameter value from session's object (in your action).

    Request request = (Request) 
    Session session =  request.getSession(true);
    return sitemapParams;

   in sitemap:

<map:transform src="stylesheets/dynamic-page2html.xsl">
       <map:parameter name="view-source" value={name}/>


>Where getparameter is an imaginary method for getting a parameter "name"
>from "dynamic.xsp".
>2)Can I then use this variable to pass it to a stylesheet? For example,
><map:transform src="stylesheets/dynamic-page2html.xsl">
>       <map:parameter name="view-source" value=$variable/>
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Please check that your question  has not already been answered in the
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