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From Carlo Pescetelli <>
Subject ESQL clob inserts
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 09:59:17 GMT
I've problem inserting a CLOB object in a Oracle DB.

I retrieve the object storing it in a java Vector using:

              texts.addElement(<esql:get-ascii column="TEXT"/>);

The problem arises when I try to insert this data as a CLOB using:

       insert into MY_TB
                    ( ...
                    , <xsp:expr>(CLOB)texts.elementAt(i)</xsp:expr>
                    , ...)

Data are not inserted and in the sitemap.log i find a 
  java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String
message with a long stacktrace.

I think that ClassCastException occours on the CLOB cast because using
a String cast in place of the CLOB one, INSERTs are correctly 
executed *but* 2000 characters (max varchar2 size) is the upper
limit of handlable data.

I miss something?

I'm using
 - tomcat 4.0.4
 - cocoon 2.0.3
 - jdk1.4
 - classes12.jar (delivered with Oracle)

thanks in advance


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