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From Vegan Portal <>
Subject Re: Deployed Cocoon 2.0.3 on JBoss 3.0.1RC1
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 00:36:17 GMT
 --- snpe <> schrieb: > On Wednesday 07
August 2002 04:21 pm, Vegan Portal
> wrote:
> ...
> > Arrrrgh, at least have I learnt how to build and
> > customize JBoss from scratch...
> > This running version of JBoss is OK for me,
> although
I'm deleting old posts because my mailbox gets full
and I found I did not answer this question.
First, I want to mention that even manual replacement
and tricking up with JBoss sources did not solve the
problem of JBoss not correctly registering Cocoon's
components starting with sitemap as JNDI services,
using WAR or EAR. I'm not that experienced with Java
and don't have time to ponder this further, so I've
given up and wait till JBoss 3.1 is more mature. That
means I'm using Jetty now, hopefully I won't have to
customize Web container soon.
Sevond, there are usually binary versions of
JBoss/Tomcat with exact same output as I was able to
achieve at available. The only
justification of rebuilding the sources is that you
need special Tomcat version and you want to access
J2EE from Cocoon.
That cleared up, I will give just short guide, because
I don't think anybody really needs this (for Linux,
hope doesn't matter):
1) Make sure your JDK is correctly installed
2) In JBoss source root directory, run sh
3) Switch to catalina subdir (this is not Tomcat
source, just sources to ceonnect it), edit properties
file to point to binary distribution of Tomcat
unpacked somewhere in your system, run there.
4) Copy results of first build to your new JBoss
runtime directory, add two files of second build to
server/default/deploy directory, delete web container
related subdirectory containing Jetty from there, copy
Tomcat release as subdir to root of your new JBoss and
alter the XML file from second build in deploy
directory to point to it.
5) Copy desired cocoon.war in same deploy directory
6) Being in your new JBoss root, run sh ./bin/,
watch the log for problems.
7) Try access Cocoon at localhost:8080/cocoon.
8) If you see the starting page, congratulation!
Now, this is a very rough guide ommiting many details,
but if somebody really wants to have more detailed
description, I will go once again through it, document
and post the results here. Nevertheless, as said
before, I'm affraid this hassle is not needed and
well, JBoss sucks anyway...
HTH, Peter.


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