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From (Leszek Gawron)
Subject cocoon.xconf in subdirectory
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 10:27:43 GMT
Following the statement :

>!Sub-Sitemaps and Components

>Since Cocoon 2.0.X it has been possible to include additional cocoon.xconf
>files in sub-directories. These will be automatically processed by Cocoon,
>allowing the declaration and use of additional components, JDBC connections,
>etc. Again this enables multiple users to more easily share a single
>Cocoon instance.
I was trying to put the appropriate datasource definition for my cocoon
application in th application folder (/cocoon/cdn)

The cocoon says that no datasource can be found so my cocoon.xconf is not
being processed. I also tried to put it into /cocoon/cdn/WEB-INF but that gave
no result also 
my cocoon.xconf file is simple:

coon version="2.0">
	<jdbc name="cdn" logger="core.datasources.cdn">
		<pool-controoller min="1" max="10"/>
		<dburl>jdbc:izmado:Provider=MSDASQL;Driver={Sql Server};Server=OUZO\CDN_OPTIMA;Database=CDN_Demo;USER

Is this all really possible ? 
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