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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: esql patch for paging and ResultSets from Oracle stored procs
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 08:51:01 GMT
On 07.Aug.2002 -- 11:41 AM, neil wrote:
> Here are some minor mods to esql for cocoon-2.0.3

Thanks a lot for your patches! This great!

> Fix paging:

Thanks, an "else" was missing.

> With EsqlQuery.position initialised to -1:
>   I asked for 3 rows starting at 0 and got 4 rows starting at 0
>   I asked for 3 rows starting at i > 0 and got 3 rows starting at i + 1
> with position initialised to 0 it works as expected.

I'm not with you on this one -- according to JDBC rows are numbered
from 1.

> I've also added calls to preparedStatement.setMaxRows() (assuming that since
> its in the JDBC API it might do
> some good - I haven't attempted to test for a performance difference). If
> all JDBC drivers do this properly
> the esql code to quit after maxRows could be removed.


> Added empty template for esql:allow-multiple-results to avoid this element
> being copied to the result XML.


> Changed get-Sql-Type so that an unrecognized type is copied verbatim into
> the java code without having "Types."

Not applied -- I believe it's better to follow the SQLTransformer here
that uses Class.forName(). Reason: reduce XSP dependency from
DBMS. Drawback: Since it's runtime it's slightly slower, OTOH an
intelligent compiler could optimize it away. Hence, different patch

> Changed esql:is-null to allow a column number or name to be specified in the
> column attribute (consistent with
> the esql:get-* elements).


Thanks again for your patches.

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