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From Torsten Knodt <>
Subject Re: TESTERS WANTED for ns prefix cleaner
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2002 10:55:20 GMT
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Hello Vadim,
> > Cacheable is deprecated, as I've seen.
> I still live in the 203 branch :-/
> In 2.1, you need to implement CacheableProcessingComponent.
I've seen and done.

> > But that was no problem. I haven't
> > tested so far. But when it works, has it a change for getting in CVS?
> I would put it in CVS, but only together with lighter version of
> transformer to provide an option for a user.
With lighter you mean a SAX based version, where you need to specify the 
namespaces and they are killed without checking if they are used before 
I think for this, you don't need a transformer in java. A xsl would be enough 
for this. But if it would get in, I can write one.

> Your version, also it is
> working (or will be working) right, can be too heavy on resources for
> some production sites.
Your right on sites which are using cocoon as servlet, but when you are using 
it only in command line to generate static content, it doesn't matter I 

With kind regards
	Torsten Knodt
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